London Clinic CCU

The new Intensive Care Unit within The London Clinic, is located on the second floor of one wing of this prestigious private hospital.  It provides 13 Critical Care Rooms comprising of 7 standard rooms, 1 Rapid Assessment bay, 1 VIP room and 4 isolation rooms.

The existing building has many physical constraints, and a part of the projects challenge was to deliver a patient focused, modern and functional facility within these constraints. Key to the success of the unit was not only the patient care, but also an environment supportive of families, relatives and visitors in a time which is stressful and often filled with anxiety.

The use of natural materials and nature themed features are used where possible to help and enhance the healing environment.

The design of the project commenced in July 2013, and was completed in November 2016.


The London Clinic

Contract Type


Start on site

July 2013

Completion date

November 2016