Articles & Exhibitions

Articles & Exhibitions

Architecture Today (Autumn 2015) – Lane Fox REMEO Centre

Public Sector Build Journal (August 2015) – Lane Fox REMEO Centre

Building Magazine (February 2014) – Private Healthcare article

Health Estates Journal (June 2013) – Finchley Memorial Hospital

RIBA Journal (May 2013): - Finchley Memorial Hospital

Building Better Healthcare (February 2013) - Finchley Memorial Hospital

RIBA Journal: Products in Practice (February 2013) - Finchley Memorial Hospital

Architects’ Journal (December 2012) - Roundtable discussion: How will changes to Part L impact design?

Church Building Magazine (Winter 2012) – St Mary’s Residences

Architect’s Data File (September 2012) - Finchley Memorial Hospital

Public Sector Building Specification (January 2012) - Finchley Memorial Hospital and Westcliff schemes

Department of Health publication ‘Tomorrow’s Healthcare Environments – towards a sustainable future’ (2011) - Finchley Memorial Hospital

World Health Design (April 2011) - Antelope House Mental Health Unit

RIBA Exhibition (2010) ‘Healthy Buildings – Architectural Solutions for a Changing Health Sector in the UK’ – Lymington New Forest Hospital and Finchley Memorial Hospital

SHINE (Learning Network for Sustainable Healthcare Buildings) Case Study (2010) – Finchley Memorial

‘Primary Care Centres: a guide to health care design’ G. Purves, 2009 (Architectural Press, London) – features Vale Drive Primary Care Centre

RIBA Journal (December 2008) - Paramount Club, CentrePoint

Health Estates Magazine (October 2008) – Antelope House Mental Health Unit

Health Estates Magazine (October 2008) – Lymington New Forest Hospital

Health Estates Magazine (September 2008) - HBN11-01 review

FX magazine (September 2008) - Paramount club CentrePoint

Building Design (23rd February 2007) - Lymington New Forest Hospital

Architecture Today (October 2007) - practice review

Building Design (9th March 2007) - Master class feature

Hospital Development (March 2007) – Newham CAMHS Unit

Public Sector Building (May 2006) - Littlehampton Hospital 'Modern challenges'

Hospital Development (February 2006) - HD/MARU forum 'guiding lights'

Hospital Development (January 2006) - HD/MARU forum 'what should the future hold'

The Pulse (October 2005) - Cromer Hospital 

Hospital Development (October 2005) - Littlehampton Community Hospital

Building Design (7th September 2001) - 'Youth Movement' practice review

Building Design (14th September 2001) - PFI review

Blueprint (September 2001) - New build office and reception installation